Our Story

Many moons ago, as a young child growing up in Los Angeles, California, I took an introductory sewing class during the summer after seventh grade. It should come to no surprise, I absolutely loved the class and fell in love with the process of making something on my own from start to finish. 

I continued sewing - occasionally and leisurely, but for a big chunk of time the machine sat in the back of the closet accumulating dust and rusting out, all while I obtained a law degree, worked in the world of finance and generally continued 'adulting' in the real world.  Somewhere along the way, I got married, lived in Buffalo, moved to Baltimore and finally settled in Berkeley, CA. 

With the birth of our daughter, priorities shifted and I found myself making my way back to the machine. Hello there, my good, old friend, Singer.

Wolf Bandit Pup Brigade was born out of a love for making dresses for my own little wolf pup. We love the classic silhouette, peter pan collars and fun prints - and, we’re committed to low waste sewing, finding new ways to use scraps - and, of course, recycling and repurposing. Our secondhand shop has grown too. Through the years, we've added pre-loved clothes, books, toys and more! Want to join in? Get in touch today. 

Thank you for visiting our shop, reading this story and supporting small business! We LOVE our customers and are so grateful for the support and friendship through the years. It's been an evolving journey.

We’d love to hear from you - new friends and old. Let us know what you want to see in the shop or tell us how we can recycle better or send us a pic! We love to see wolf pups in action.  And, hey - trade in those pre-loved dresses and recycle with us!

Thanks again!